THE RETRO -R50- One of the best performing portable Bluetooth speakers

Designed, developed and produced in Korea
by an enthusiast

The Retro R50 is ...

A Retro Design Bluetooth speaker
Emotive 1950s Styling.

Super Trendy

Inspired by the Legendary Microphone of the time.

One of the best

performing portable Bluetooth speakers. A Very High Quality Sound

... by an Enthusiast

Designed, developed and Produced In Korea

Perfect Bluetooth Speaker Retro R50


One of the best performing portable Bluetooth speakers

Produced in four colour options A lightweight head for portability and usage in almost any situation Complete with two, high quality heavyweight bases -podium- and -flat- for enhanced sound - both are cast and milled

Frequently Asked Questions

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RMS : (1.5inch 3W) x 2Ch + Passive Radiator
PMPO : 100W / SPL : 81+/- 3dB / Impedance : 4 ohm / SNR : 90dB
Frequency Response : 20Hz ~ 20KHz
Built in Microphone : 1
Flat Frequency Response
Comparison to other -High-End- speakers
The sound our speakers reproduce and the sound we hear can be two different things.
Because this is so important we have designed our speaker frequency response to be flat - this is because we want our speakers to deliver sound exactly the way it was originally produced.
Think of it this way, the difference in attending a live music event and the same event recorded. The sound you are hearing live and the sound that is actual is different because our own hearing, in this situation, will not have a flat frequency response.
But the sound that is occurring and that recorded will be very similar, and this is important.
When you listen to our speakers we want them to accurately reproduce the recording i.e the actual sound generated. Then we can enjoy the music as if we heard it live.
The fact that our ears do not have "flat frequency" responses does still means there is need for speakers that have this ability.
The best sound possible is always the target

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Retro 50 Frequency Diagram

R50 Frequency Diagram

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